Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Uses

Repel Fleas and Ticks
Find some rose geranium essential oil at a local aromatherapy shop, or online. Place a few drops of it into about 1/4 cup of a "carrier" oil in a bottle. Even vegetable oil will work as a carrier. Mix it well, then shake a few drops into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then lightly touch around your dog's fur on her feet, near her neck, the top of her head, her haunches, and a bit on the belly. Do this before heading out on your walk. Don't forget to rub some on yourself, too. (I run my fingers through my hair because ticks love the human scalp.)

Warning, your dog probably won't like the smell! You'll probably like it, though. Be sure to use just a very little, because it's an essential oil and is very strong. BIG WARNING: Never apply an essential oil full-strength directly to skin (or fur). Only tea tree oil can be used full strength, on humans. Or you can also soak a fabric collar in a mixture of this and let your furry child wear this to repel fleas and ticks.

I have read where some people have used this formula for 2 years and although it doesn't get rid of all the ticks (which I hate, hate, hate those ticks), it does seem to keep most of them away from my dog.  But nothing is 100 percent and still as safe as this.

No doubt one of the most effective oils for aromatherapy, geranium is used to relieve stress and anxiety, ease tension, balance emotions, and treat menstrual cramps. Along with the aromatherapy benefits, many people also use this oil for meditation purposes.

Skin Care
One popular usage of geranium oil involves treating acne since geranium acts as a balancing agent for oily skin. Interestingly enough, these balancing properties also help people battle dry skin as well. Another thing worth mentioning about geranium essential oil is that it makes scars fade away.

Anybody who is struggling with the cold or flu should keep geranium aromatherapy in mind because the oil acts as a decongestant. So if your regular cold and flu products aren’t working, consider trying out geranium essential oil.

While most people will probably stick to store-bought deodorants, take note that geranium essential oil can be used to eliminate body odor, and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. It’s also popular as a perfume because of the sweet scent.

Healing Cuts/Wounds
Geranium is very effective at healing wounds and cuts faster. This essential oil also has anti-bacterial properties, which helps keep the cuts and wounds clean while they’re healing.

Those who enjoy meditating should consider using some geranium essential oil during their next session. Geranium has a very relaxing, calming effect on people, which certainly helps one get into the right mind frame for meditating.

Sleep Aid
Since geranium is quite effective at calming people, it’s no wonder why this essential oil is good at helping us sleep better too. Using geranium through aromatherapy eases a person’s mind, and allows them to fall asleep quicker.